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Pentagram Shop logo
Pentagram Shop presents Polish collection of fetish clothing and accessories called Pentagram Collection – Pure Art of Fetish. Our products are targeted to all fetish and leather clothing fans: women, men, LGBT people. All products are handmade of cow leather. Our designer is a young and talented woman graduated from clothing design in Poznan School of Form. Clothes and footwear are handmade in European Union only. We can handcraft all kind of sizes in leather products and European size tables are the reference. We work for Your satisfaction.
MTC Fetish Manufacture logo
Inspired by beauty of the natural oak wood, stainless steel and Italian leather we’ve created collecion of unique furniture which will fulfill Your innermost fantasies. We are carefully selecting each piece of wood, steel and natural leather and combining them to bring out nobility of every product. We are putting our best effort to ensure that every device that is leaving our manufacture is expression of passion and knowledge.‚Äč We treat every piece of furniture as a individual project. In our manufacture difficulties are chellenges. See for yourself today.
Art-Mat logo
Art-Mat is a professional Polish event company, present on the market for many years, offering a wide range of event services. You need more, contact us. Art-Mat is a proven event partner on the Polish market.
Nawado logo
Welcome to the world of Information that can be found here is directed to those Internet users who are interested in knowing everything that lies in the first letter of the concept of bdsm, i.e. bondage, and especially to people interested in shibari. On you will find both basic and such information that can be useful in advanced bondage and shibari practice. Our intention is to provide them in a transparent, orderly form. While discussion forums are a good place to explore and develop your knowledge through discussions, as well as to verify your own ideas, they are not very friendly for users seeking specific knowledge. This page is to provide what we think is missing on the Polish bdsm scene, i.e. knowledge about bondage and shibari techniques presented in the form of a multimedia textbook. is also an illustration and documentation of our own experience, knowledge and activities accumulated during many years of practicing the art of bondage and shibari.
Fetish Fever is a group of producers and performers who effectively find themselves on the Polish fetish and BDSM scene. We specialize in demonstration of domination and immobilization, not only using ropes, but also chains, tapes, stretch films, etc. Recently, in our collection new vacuum elements have appeared, such as a latex vacuum bed, thanks to which we can quickly and permanently immobilize the “victim” vacuum cage. Our shows are interactive. We do not close ourselves to the audience, on the contrary, we invite them to cooperate with the shows.
Demoniq is a Polish dynamic brand offering a collection of daring lingerie of unique and sensual designs. From the subtly ethereal “With Love” range to the “Black Rose” collection for the power hungry and dominant woman, their lingerie designs exude fun and fantasy whilst understanding the importance of comfort in looking and feeling sexy. Collections: Black Rose, Carnival Party Line, Dark and Desire, Hard Candy, Look At Me and Magnetic Lingerie. Male collection is called Regnes Fetish Planet.
Pasante logo
Pasante Healthcare is a dynamic, modern company present on the market since 1992. At first a condom distributor and seller and their producer since 2000. Thanks to the passion and commitment of the owners, local British business has evolved into a thriving, international manufacturer exporting its products to more than 20 countries. The key to our success is customer care and his needs. We achieve this goal by creating a wide range of innovative products of the highest quality. Thanks to this strategy, we can offer the highest global quality at an extremely attractive price.
Pleasure Sex Shop logo
Sex Shop Pleasure is a beautiful stationary erotic store located in the center of Gdynia. It offers professional service with a wide range of erotic articles of most known world companies. The store also sells on its website